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Many domestic and international customers rely on our ingenuity when it comes to sugar. Find out more about our product variety, including for your industry.

Our competence lies in developing special sugars that do not even exist yet.

For Pfeifer & Langen, sugar is more than just sugar. We have developed several hundred specialty sugars for our industrial customers alone, and that’s not even counting our own brands. This puts us way ahead of the competition when it comes to innovation.
So it’s hardly surprising that well-known multinational corporations and medium-sized companies rely on our ideas in all things sugar. And what can we do for you? We will be happy to advise you on formulations and applications to suit your requirements. Get an idea of our range of products and services.

Your beverage, our sugar: a partnership of ideas.

What are you planning as a beverage manufacturer? Our special sugars can be found in soft drinks, fruit juices, beers, wines, and spirits of large brands and small premium businesses.
Because that’s our specialty: sugar, tailor-made and newly developed to suit your needs. In large quantities, coarse or fine. Crystalline or liquid for easier handling. Light or dark brown. We have the full range of caramel colors for natural coloring without E numbers. In organic quality and in line with Fair Trade standards. With our extensive knowledge, we support you in serving new market trends and achieving differentiation in your brand and sales strategy. With innovative sugar – as individual as you are.

If you are planning something different: our sugar for your industry.

Do you produce dairy products or process fruit or vegetables? Then let us optimize your tried and tested methods or venture into something new together. We support your ideas with our products. Our assortment is extensive and ranges from crystalline sugar of different grain sizes to liquid sugar in all variants. From sweet to zesty, and from light to dark. So we don’t just give your inventions flavor, but color too. We have long-standing experience in doing so and take great pleasure in each and every innovation. Perhaps yours will be next?

For sweet treats. For baking. For new recipes.

As a manufacturer of bakery goods and confectionery products, we ask ourselves every day how we can inspire our customers with new recipes. You will find the right ingredients here. For example, crystalline white sugar and refined sugar grades in many grain sizes, or liquid sugar in a wide variety of compositions. Or do you prefer our aromatic caramel in different flavor intensities? We also offer moisture-stable sugar and fondant for the production of fresh and frozen bakery products. Whatever you have in mind, there are virtually no limits to your innovative concepts. We will be happy to support your research and product development, deliver valuable ideas – and then exactly the amount of sugar you need.

Quality feed from the sugar refinery

Sugar beet is an ecologically and economically valuable crop. Sugar is produced from it with the greatest care and to the highest quality standards. This production process also produces quality animal feed, so that almost all components of the sugar beet are utilized.

Most agricultural products are sold regionally without long transport routes. In accordance with our tagline “from the region, for the region”, valuable resources are thus conserved. For beet growers and sugar refineries, the principle of sustainability is not just lip service, but applied in practice.
For you, as a customer, this means you get to enjoy first-class agricultural products and the best service in terms of advice and on-site delivery.

Quality sugar for quality products and processes

Do you use sucrose, molasses, or sugar beet syrup in the chemical, pharmaceutical, or fermentation industry? Then, if desired, our products offer not only the essential carbohydrates, but also other natural ingredients.

Precisely because sugar and our beet products have to meet stringent requirements for these applications, we attach great importance to providing our customers with individual advice. Contact us and we will give you an overview of our products.

Crystal sugar

It is specifically produced in special grain sizes for any desired application. What about yours? Find out more.

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Liquid sugars

We offer liquid sugars in many compositions for a wide variety of applications. What do you have in mind? Find out more about our product range.

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Icing sugar

Icing sugar is an indispensable component of many confectionery and bakery products. It is available in all degrees of fineness, with and without added release agents. Interested? Find out more.

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Brown candy sugar and brown sugar

Their notes range from aromatic-sweet to caramel-malty. Just the way you like it? Discover more.

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Caramel colors

Deep brown colorants, which are produced from sugars in a precisely controlled firing process and give food color. What’s your color? Take a closer look.

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Decorating powder

Mixtures of icing sugar or dextrose with starch. Coated with fat, moisture-resistant, and lastingly decorative. Many ideas can be put into practice. Which one will you choose? Read more here.

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Decorating crystal sugar

Specially sifted sugar. A soft film of vegetable fat protects it from moisture. Looks and tastes great in bakery and confectionery product. Sounds good to you? Click here to see our varieties and applications.

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Decorating nib sugar

Attractive nib sugar in various grain sizes, coated in a wafer-thin layer of vegetable fat. For bakery goods, whether fresh or frozen. Perfect for your plans? Find out here.

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Decorating mixtures

Mixtures of icing sugar. With crystal sugar and starch. Coated with natural fat . For decorating bakery goods and desserts. Sounds like your thing? Explore your possibilities.

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Finest sucrose crystals. Spread in a saturated sucrose-glucose solution, they form a white, malleable mass. Fondant paste or dry fondant. A good basis for you? Find out more.

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Sugar “plus”

We produce custom decorating sugar and decorating mixtures for our customers. What do you have in mind? Let yourself be inspired.

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Caramel sugar syrups

They are characterized by a pure and, depending on the type, aromatic-sweet to pleasant tart caramel flavor. Feeling inspired? Find out more.

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Beet molasses/thick sugar beet syrup

Molasses and sugar beet syrup are products derived from the processing of sugar beets, and suitable for various industrial applications. For yours too? Read more here.

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Tasty, energy-rich feed for fresh feeding or silaging. Find out more.

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Natural fiber carrier for targeted supplementation of feed mixtures for livestock and pets (pet food). Read more.

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Very tasty, sugary straight feed – for use in total mixed rations (TMR) and ready-to-eat feed. Find everything worth knowing here.

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Feed sugar

For targeted energy supply in livestock and pet feeding.

TRADE Find out more about our branded household products.